Terms & Conditions

You hereby agree to our terms while browsing the website or placing an order:

Payment is made 100% in advance once the order is placed and proofs are approved

At the time of quotation, we can discuss discounts.

Prices & Products:
We reserve the right to change or update prices /products without notice

Free Designing:
Free Desig set up is applied only if the order is placed and deposit paid. In case of cancellation by the client after the deposit is paid, the deposit amount will be forfeited and will not be refunded. Free Design set up is not applicable for orders less than 50 units. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer or reject without notice.

Once the order is placed, quotation or order placed cannot be altered

Once the artwork is approved or signed off electronically or via physical proofing by the client, we cannot be held responsible for any errors, mistakes, typos, calendar dates, design and colour. The client will be responsible and any further changes or amendments will be chargeable.


Every effort will be made to get the best possible full colour reproduction but we do not guarantee of exact colour match of client’s artwork, colours or any material. Also, we cannot guarantee the exact colour matching calibration of camera, monitor and printer.

IP Rights:
“IP Rights” refers to rights to such things as logos, motifs, trademarks, designs and any other intellectual property rights relating to material or information provided by you for use or inclusion by us in a product or products ordered by you. You warrant that you are the owner of all IP Rights and that the use by Konect of any material or information provided by you in the design and production of a product or products ordered by you will not breach the intellectual property or other rights of any third party.

Once the proofs are approved and order is printed, we cannot refund any money. However, if you receive the goods damaged or not similar to proof approved then we will either replace the goods or refund the money. However, you should inform us within 7 working days from the day goods are delivered as we can only process re-run or refunds within 7 days.

If the goods are printed and rejected for any reason, we have unconditional rights to sell the goods commercially to recoup the printing costs.

Normally goods are delivered in 10-12 working days. However, if the order is large it can take more days. Lead time will be communicated during quotation process. Then again, we do not guarantee any specific time as we have to rely on third party for delivery and we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused to the business or organization or individual in any form.

We cannot be held liable for any sort of mis-happening while order is placed or goods are delivered or with the goods itself.

Rights to display:
Products supplied by us may include our logo or label or text and we reserve the right to brand any of the product or textile with our logo or third party supplier logo or text or label.



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