Cardiff City’s Change To Red And Manchester United Grey Strip Gave Rise To The Most Controversial Football Kit


As per the latest news, it has been found out that Cardiff City is about to announce the change of their football kit, which is leading to a controversial note, after all. They has finally announced that after following the same old routine of red for the past two and a half years, they are planning to revert back to the traditional form of blue shirts. Their main aim is to end the period of controversy, as placed under their very own owner, Vincent Tan. Checking this sudden change, Bluebirds can offer you with other controversial kits, as related from the history.


As it has been mentioned above that the kit was forming a controversial aspect with the pristine fans of the Barca group. For the initial stages, you are likely to have the emblem of UNICEF, which stays in their shirt, for nearly a year. Later, this was quickly changed to another lucrative deal, associated with the Qatar foundation. There is a significant purple kit, associated with the Boca Junior players. As the Argentina clubs were not that impressed with this affair, and more when they fail to win any game on their court, after wearing this apparel.


If you take a look at the African nations Cup, you will come in terms with the donned vests of Cameroonians. They were told that the players are not likely to wear it at the World Cup session, therefore; for taking active part in this game, black sleeves were added. Moreover, as discussed earlier, the unpopular owner of all time, Tan, decided to change the 114 years of history and make the football kit of Cardiff red, as he termed it to be a lucky aspect. Well, this notion is about to change, though, and you opt for the best results from .


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